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Signature is an Egyptian cabinet maker that manufactures quality modern fitted high end Cabinets. Located in the heart of Cairo in beautiful Maadi, we manufacture cabinets that fulfill the highest claims in terms of quality, functionality, durability and design.

Our mission is to harmonize creativity and technology, conviviality and functionality, through innovative solutions for spaces that improve our quality of life.

We design our unique products to meet your requirements with focus on quality. We only work with materials to maximize the durability and lifetime of our products.

Every Signature product has a design language that separates it from its competitors. We are always keen to build extraordinary products. Signature thrives to be Egypt’s cabinet maker of choice.

Our team has over 45 years of combined experience working in designing and selling products and cabinets for thousands of satisfied customers in Egypt and the region.

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Our Team

Signature has a Class-A team with over 45 years of combined experience in design.

We aspire to become the best in everything we do and our customers’ satisfaction will always remain our first priority.

Mahmoud  Kamel
Managing Director

Throughout over than 10 years of professional experience Mahmoud has focused on building a variety toolbox of diversified skill sets all related to Interior design field. Starting from teaching at AAST to being commercial interior design manager at a very well known Egyptian firm then holding responsibility of designing the visual media and interior of a very well known international retail brand. Additionally, he founded a start-up design studio specialized in residential interiors. Having served in both technical design and Business Development roles through the past years of his career, besides being a creative designer Mahmoud always focus on increasing customer satisfaction and increased overall organizations’ effectiveness

Mostafa Kamel
Technical Director

With a solid background in Architectural Engineering, Mostafa co-founded Signature with the objective of creating a rich portfolio of unique designs tailored to the needs of Signature’s customers. Mostafa is a seasoned entrepreneur with more than 15 years of diversified experience in Egypt’s furniture industry, including Product Design, Product Line Management, and Business Development.

Basma Fat’hy
Interior and Kitchen Designer

Interior designer, graduated from The Faculty of Applied Arts- section of The Interior Design. Co-operated with national & international designers in many residential & retail branded projects for more than 7 years As interior designer, previous experience makes her easily work on spaces & materials to match the clients’ needs.

Esraa Hosny
Technical Designer

Ever since Esraa was young, she has discovered her love for furniture and became fond of the idea of becoming a furniture designer. She is not thirty yet, but she has already worked on various big projects since her graduation in 2011. She has a great experience in designing different furniture styles, and has managed endless projects from home furnishing to showrooms finishing.

Omar Malek
Sales Supervisor

Interior Designer, graduated at 1998 from The high Institute of Architecture – Damasks University in Syria. In 2014 He got a diploma of Project management from Ein Shams University in Egypt. Founder of “Malek for designs & Architecture” in Syria, from 2001 Founder of “Malek Factory for wood working & kitchens” in Syria, from 2005.



4/5 El - Laselky Street

Maadi, Cairo, Egypt